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Noncash payment

You can pay the fines for overdue documents from home and afterwards extend the loan period if you wish so and there is no reservation by other user.

The noncash payment system can be used in two modes:

  1. From OPAC of LC CTU:
    • Fines for overdue documents I. II, III (CZK 10, CZK 30, CZK 100)
    • Detailed manual:
      1. Log in to the online catalogue using the barcode of your ISIC or CTU ID and the PIN code you have chosen when registering to the Library.
      2. Click on „My account“ (upper yellow menu) a message listing all outstanding fees will be shown, then click on „Platební transakce“ and log in again using the username and password for SSU. You will be redirected to „Platební brána“.
      3. Use the „Pro bezhotovostní platbu klikněte zde“.
      4. You will be redirected do „ Platební brána‘‘where you can log in using your username and password for SSU (you have to have your e-mail filled in SSU).
      5. A unique code will be sent to your e-mail address which you should then fill in „Platební brána“ to finish the transaction.
      6. You will receive an e-mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming your payment.
      7. The paid fees will be removed from your user account.
  2. In library:
    • Fines for overdue documents I. II, III (CZK 10, CZK 30, CZK 100)
    • Copying (A4 – CZK 2 / 1 page, A3 – CZK 5 / 1 page)
    • New ID for external user (CZK 40)
    • New PIN (CZK 50)
    • Barcode damage (CZK 30)
    • Detection label replacement (CZK 5)
    • Lost document replacement