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Accelerate Your Science Research & Education With JoVE Videos


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22nd February 10:00 

23rd February 13:00


About the webinar:

JoVE is the world's first and leading peer-reviewed video method journal. The JoVE website includes over 14,000 Research & Education videos in Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Biotechnology, Psychology and other fields. If you are looking to add research & teaching videos to your library, we would like to invite you to learn about the JoVE website and solutions. Please join us for a session hosted by Eran Zait, representing the publisher, and Jakub Petrik, representing Albertina icome Praha/Bratislava.

During the session you will learn:

  • How JoVE resources improve learning outcomes and student engagement.
  • About the scope of topics, details about content, and the benefits of accessing JoVE resources.
  • How to use JoVE resources, in the library, in the classroom, both on-site and remotely.