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Copyright and publishing

Public licenses

Public licenses are a type of license where the authorization given by this license is provided free of charge to an unspecified group of people The purpose of these licenses is to give authors the opportunity to grant the rights to use their works to the general public without having to enter into contracts with each of them individually. These licenses define the conditions under which this is possible – they grant some rights and reserve others for the authors.

  This procedure is fully in accordance with Czech law, or with the provisions contained in the Czech Civil Code.

This does not deny the copyright of the authors, it just makes exceptions to it, when the work can be distributed. Authors attach information to their copyrighted works about the license under which the work is distributed, and anyone who meets the conditions stated in that license can use it.

It is important to note that public licenses:

  • Are made available to an indefinite number of persons.
  • Are offered free of charge.
  • Are given for the entire duration of the protection of the copyrighted work.
  • May be used by anyone who uses the work in accordance with the license.
  • Are non-exclusive.
  • The assignees may redistribute the work.

These include, for example: GNU, Creative Commons, MIT license, BSD

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