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Citation Tools

How to choose citation manager?

Decide abour your priorities. Answering the following questions will help you to make clear what you expect from the citation manager. That will help you to choose the right one for you:

  • What citation style do you usually use?
  • What text processor do you usually use?
  • Which information source, database, electronic library do you use most often?
  • Will you need to share your citaions with your colleagues?
  • What access to your entries do you prefer – saved locally in your PC or web access?
  • Is it important to you to save full texts with your entry?

You may choose commercial tool as well. Free of charge managers usually provide limited service offer and capacity of personal database. Missing capacity can be usually get in addition.

University students and academic personnel usually have access within the university.



A tool which you can use for organizing your knowledge and informational sources in different parts of your writing and during subsequent results publishing.

CTU access (use the same login which you use in KOS)

*Citavi works with individual so-called projects, which should be created for each type of academic writing (from articles to dissertations).

Each project in the database Citavi contains different information: bibliographic information (who, where, when a what published), information how to reach the original source (which library has the book and what signature the book has got or where to search for the book), notes about executed changes (e.g. when and where you found the piece of information), you can save full texts, figures, charts, comments, etc., references to full texts of the documents of the websites or saved in PC, excerpts from the texts you read (saved as abstract or as direct citation or parahrase) and tasks, which you need to finish during your project. All these tasks can be added to your schedule. Then while working on your writing all the information saved under one project can be put into prepared document, including references and referece list just “by one click“.

Citavi can make your writing much easier by helping with practical operations and organization of your work. You can concetrate on the subject of the writing.

Useful links:

Most commonly used citation managers:

  • Commercial: Citavi, Citace PRO, ProQuest RefWorks, EndNote
  • Under the consortium Web of Science: Endnote Basic
  • Freely available: Zotero, Mendeley


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