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~An evaluation tool to analyze the Web of Science data that enables advanced analysis of publication activities and of impact of the research work at the level of the individuals, teams, departments, institutions and individual disciplines.

In Cites uses more bibliometric (comparative) indicators than WoS, and provides tabular and graphical outputs.

InCites provides bibliometric analyses aimed at:

  • Mapping publication and research strategies.
  • Comparing publication impact with the world average within EU, the Czech Republic or selected countries.
  • Monitoring and evaluating international cooperation (by cooperating countries, organizations, number of joint publications, number of highly cited papers, number of publications as a result of cooperation with the private sector etc.).
  • For an effective analysis a minimum set of 50 articles per analysis is necessary.


The datasets for analyses can be created in several ways:

  1. You can use the default InCites dataset and filter directly in InCites B&A interface.
  2. Or you can create your own custom dataset by:
  • Importing the list of results retrieved from WoS. By searching in WoS you may exactly define the publications, which you wish to analyze further. You can import a complete list of results or create our own Marked List in WoS. To import your WoS research results into InCites, select "Save to InCites". To finish this process, you need to be logged in to InCites (if you are not, the system will ask you to login). The maximum number of records in the custom dataset is 50 000.
  • Uploading a list of identifiers of the publications, which you wish to analyze directly into InCites. The following three identifiers are accepted: DOI, WoS ID or Medline ID (PubMed ID). Feel free to combine different identifiers in one file.The file format should be *.csv or *.txt . Each identifier should be on a separate line. Please, see the InCites documentation  for the specific requirements on the uploaded file. The file may be inserted into InCites via the tab Organize -> Folders -> Create New -> Dataset.
  • The maximum number of datasets allowed in your account at the same time is 20.


InCites access

InCites can be accessed via the Web of Science interface (follow InCites link in the top bar), eventually directly via: https:/incites.clarivate.com . Access to InCites is based on login. The first access to InCites requires your registration. In case you already have your account in WoS or ResearcherID, the same credentials are reccommended. The following principles apply for InCites registration and access:

  • Your e-mail and password is always required to access InCites.
  • The first registration must be done from the CTU IP address range (CTU network, eventually via VPN).
  • The first registration is required even in the case you have already registered with other Clarivate Analytics service (e.g. WoS, ResearcherID).
  • The remote access works the same way as in the CTU network – all you need is your registerd credentials to access InCites anywhere.
  • Shibboleth login is not required for remote access (login to InCites does not work).

See more on InCites registration  on the producer’s websites.


More information on InCites, recordings of trainings and webinars are to be found on the Web of Science training portal


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