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Writefull within CTU


Writefull gives language feedback on your English text, checking for correctness of grammar, word use, style, and more. It also offers a database of authentic peer-reviewed and published scientific texts. Access is not limited to CTU IP addresses and is available anywhere. You need to be registered with your e-mail CTU domain address.

Writefull consists of several modules:


More information about Writefull:

Writefull Guide for all modules (ENG) (.pdf)

Writefull for Word Guide (ENG) (.pdf)

Online tutorial "Get to know Writefull - language feedback in English" will be held on March 4th 2021 at 2:00pm-2:40pm. The tutorial is free of charge. To get more information and register, please, visit: https://www.aip.cz/seminare/676-get-to-know-writefull-language-feedback-in-english/.


The difference between Writefull and Grammarly

Grammarly is suitable for checking everyday communication in English. It is based on indexing common English texts, which uses for language correctness. It has plugin for web browser. You may use it while writing e-mails and other texts directly on the web. Writefull does not have this plugin.

Writefull suggests language improvements by checking your scientific text against millions of published papers. Its language models have been trained on millions of published articles. You can search for language patterns used and incorporate them into your own text.