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Remote access options

Once you log in CTU network (either at the faculty or at the hall of residence), you may use direct access to all prepaid information resources accessible at CTU.

In case you need to search the informatoin off-site (e.g. from home), use remote access.


Shiboleth is a technology allowing the use of Single Sign On service. It provides the united login (you log in only once). After login you can work with all CTU informational sources. Log in Usermap or Kos and you may search in the professional information resources. The ones you reach through Shibboleth are specifically labeled in the Catalogue of information sources.

Some databases do not allow log in through older types of protocols. In that case use the Shibboleth access.


VPN is a service to use for employees and doctoral students which allows remote access to CTU network. You may access all applications available within CTU network from home.

You will find the network setting on the website of the CTU Computing and Information centre.