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Any CTU employee, CTU student (so called internal users) or a member of professional public (so called external user) can become a user of the Central Library of the CTU in Prague (CL).

The registration is required for loans and is free of charge for students and employees of the CTU. You need only a CTU student or staff member identity card.

For registration, external users (professional public) need a valid personal identity card, on the basis of which a library card is issued.

Before the first loan, a user is bound to sign the User Declaration. By signing the Declaration, the user agrees with the conditions of the Library and Lending Code of CL. Each user chooses his/her PIN when registering (their own unique combination of four digits) which protects his/her personal account. Both the library card and the PIN-code are valid in all CTU local libraries.

  The users register only once and their registration is valid in all branches of the CL.

Library and Lending Code - Art. 7 User‘s Identification 

Registration at the Central Library of the CTU

National Library of Technology building (NTK), 2nd and 5th floor (Technická 6, Praha 6)

Entering the NTK building:

  • Student ID card/ISIC – full access is active within 24 hours after the card has been issued
  • One-time ticket – issued by the calling system with a limited validity for 1 day in case of external users without a relation to the CTU and NTK-ChemTK

Local libraries: