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After logging in to a CL online catalogue, click on ‘My library card’ tab in menu, and then on ‘Loans’. A list of books which you have borrowed will be displayed. For the book you want to prolong, click on the order number on the left. Details of the loan will be displayed. Here you can prolong the book.

 The option for renewal is not available if the book has been reserved by another user or you have a debt in any branch of CL. Otherwise the number of renewals is not limited. The prolongation period depends on the period for which the document could be borrowed, the maximum is 30 days. That means that e.g. textbook which you can borrow for the whole semester can be prolonged only for a month.

Students and staff who want to prolong their loans need to have their personal account valid for at least another 180 days. External users need to have their account valid for at least another 30 days when prolonging the loans.

If you cannot renew your loans due to expiration of your personal account, please contact the library (personally or via email).

Library and Lending Code – Art. 13 Loan Period