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For making a reservation of a book or a textbook you need to be registered at least at one of the libraries of CL. The reservations could be made only when you are logged in (a bar code of your card or a USERMap log-in name, and a PIN-code). Therefore make sure you are logged in and you haven’t entered the CL online catalogue as a ‘Guest’.

Search for the required title and display ‘All items’ (at the bottom of each record). The book is marked ‘On shelf’ – reserve it using the button ‘Request’ (on the left side of the item record)

Notice the information about book location in the ‘Sublibrary’ column, and about book status in columns ‘Item status’ and ‘Description’.

You can make a reservation for 10 publications at the same time.

The publications are marked as:

  • ‘To study room‘ – you cannot borrow the book home
  • ‘Deposited’ – the book is located in one of the departmental libraries and it Is not possible to borrow it directly
  • ‘Item status’ – here you find a date until which the book is on loan. It’s possible to make a reservation on such a book.

The notification that your reservation is ready is sent by email to your university email account. In case you don’t use this account, please make sure you re-direct your emails automatically to your personal email account.

The requested titles will be ready for you in the library where they are located, and you have to pick them up within 7 calendar days from the date the reservation was executed. It is not possible to change the place where you pick up the book but you can change the date by which you are interested in the book.