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Author identifiers

Author identifiers serve as unique personal IDs and provide autors with an unambiguous identifiication throughout their professional career. IDs primarily help to identify authors’ publications in citation and other databases correctly and help them to identify their research performance metrics (such as number of publications, citation rate, H-index).

Identifiers help especially in these situations:

  • Change of authors’ name
  • Change of affiliation
  • Having multiple concurent affiliations
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Distinguish researchers of the same or similar name in the institution and/ or in the discipline

There are several types of identifiers, some are used only by certain databases, others are universal. The most important IDs are ResearcherID in Web of Science, Scopus Author ID, and ORCID iD which is a universal ID.

See below to find information on how to work with author identifiers and author profiles, on the way the individual systems are integrated and how to export data from one system to the other.